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Opertat is an international trade management company providing global supply chain services to small and medium-sized enterprises; Services are provided to enable companies to develop and grow sustainably and accelerate the internationalization process of these companies. In fact, Opertat provides export conditions for companies that are unable to export due to any restrictions. Opertat seeks to turn local companies into global companies. Opertat reduces the risk and cost of small and medium enterprises in the process of internationalization. In fact, Opertat not only facilitates exports but also provides new insights into the internationalization of companies through supply chain management from start to finish.


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Leather enters the European Green Deal. If the EU goal is to decarbonize the EU area by 2050, favoring circular economic

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They have already called it the war of bags. In fact, luxury brands aim to conquer the Chinese market: this is

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Feeling of belonging, courage, trust in one another and more responsibility when collaborating. With this forma mentis, Italy’s fashion industry would

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