Our main mission is to use knowledge and to bring scientific methods and the optimal use of indigenous development resources to the countries and to bring a better life to the people of that country, we provide the possibility of export for small and medium companies that cannot export due to any restrictions; We strive to turn local companies into global companies. We strive to provide products and services with the best quality and lowest price from its source for buyers all over the world. We not only export, we manage the supply chain from start to finish.
Using speed, accuracy and flexibility, we have created a new form of business, our employees bring innovation through creativity and collaboration, they are the capital and the reason for the success of the operetta.
We believe that without employees in any other organizational category, our name does not make sense, we try to ensure the conditions for the growth of our employees by training, motivating and creating a suitable working environment and conditions.
We build our human capital on the basis of ethnic diversity, motivation, desire for self-fulfillment and greed for learning, and strive to create the ideal environment for talent development and individual self-fulfillment by providing an ideal environment.
We are committed to creating an environment free of discrimination, harassment in any form and providing equal opportunities.
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Kimia Tejarat Zima

Tel : +98513 88 00361

No.170, Vakil Abad Blv , Mashhad -Iran