Our Service

To fulfill its mission, Opertat offers a range of services that give small and medium-sized companies a significant advantage over their competitors and guarantee sustainable exports; Our service portfolio is:


o Identify investment opportunities in international markets and provide consulting services to succeed
and achieve maximum return on capital

o Accreditation of buyers, foreign investors and investment projects

o Providing advice, follow-up and collection of foreign claims

o Conduct market research to identify environmental factors, competitors, target market size,
demand characteristics, market segmentation, etc.

o Conduct marketing research to identify effective advertising methods, positioning, effective
distribution methods, pricing strategies, product characteristics in the market and …

o Carrying out research on consumers’ attitudes towards the product, brand attitudes, concept
testing, market testing, measuring consumer satisfaction, etc.

o Negotiate with foreign parties of different nationalities in a professional manner

o Concluding contracts with foreign parties on behalf of suppliers / distributors

o Arranging international contracts or legal review of contracts before concluding

o Provide marketing and sales training to distribution and sales personnel

o Holding training courses to increase the management knowledge of small and medium

o Provide technical and specialized training

o Provide advice and develop a strategic plan

o Develop a comprehensive marketing plan

o Providing consulting and developing specialized programs such as human resources program,
production program and …

o Export accreditation

o Financing working capital of small and medium companies

o Providing advice for receiving various types of loans from international institutions

o Planning and holding trade fairs
o Holding business tours to meet foreign businessmen, visit to get acquainted with the target

o Informing and performing the necessary formalities to participate in international and local

Physical Fulfillment

o Preparation and completion of export documents

o Arranging distribution and supply contracts

o Follow up and receive export licenses

o Conduct research on existing product development

o Provide advice regarding the development of the existing product

o Invent and create new products

o Provide advice on packaging design tailored to the needs of target markets

o Consumer packaging and transit packaging

o Labeling products tailored to target markets

o Carrying out technical and quality inspections

o Perform quantitative inspections of products during the export process

o Carrying out research on product quality development and receiving product-specific standards

o Storage and local transportation of products in the country of origin

o Warehousing and maintenance of products in target markets

o Inventory management

o Carrying out customs affairs in the country of origin

o Provide advice on customs procedures in different countries

o Clearance and customs procedures in the destination country

o Provide advice on the supply of raw materials

o Buy raw materials globally

o Supply of raw materials from suppliers of Opertat supply chain

o Providing services during sales and aftersales

o Customer relationship management

o Providing a variety of warranty and guarantee services in the target market

o Control and track products along the shipping route

o Transport and transit management from the country of origin to the target countries

o Managing product distribution in target markets

o Provide advice in the field of advertising, sales promotion strategies and branding in target

o Implement advertising programs and campaigns and sales promotion programs in target

o Branding and brand management in target markets

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